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How to Choose a Decorative Concrete Contractor

How to Choose a Decorative Concrete Contractor

Over the past several years, the decorative concrete industry has seen a huge increase in popularity. This has obviously brought with it a few challenges, which is also inclusive of choosing the right decorative concrete contractor for your project.

The bad news is that, typically anyone, with just a truck and a trowel, can enter the business with absolutely no training and/or experience. These disreputable contractors pollute the entire industry, giving homeowners lots of troubles, eventually making it a lot more difficult for them to trust in decorative concrete contractors Charlotte NC. If you have had a bad experience in the past, or a bit hesitant or anxious about choosing the right contractor, the following tips might be of help to you.

Spend Time on Research

It is a well-known fact that the best decorative concrete contractors in Charlotte NC do not do a lot of expensive marketing or advertising. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a contractor, do not simply rely on or respond to advertisements, or call the first contractor or company you come across online.

Spend some time researching about the contractors in your locality. Most companies and contractors today have web presence of some sort, whether through their official website or on social media, review websites, or online directories. Visit those sites and learn more about the companies or contractors, their background, experience, and other such details.

Approach the Better Business Bureau

Visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website or check with a consumer affairs agency in your neighborhood to know about the history of complaints about the decorative concrete contractors you shortlist. If you happen to find a couple of complaints, it doesn’t really matter. You can try to find out the circumstances behind those events and how the situation was resolved. However, if you find a lot of negative comments, better avoid those contractors.

Look for Experience

This is a rule of thumb. The decorative concrete contractor you choose in Charlotte NC should have at least five years of experience in the industry. This detail will give you the assurance that they are actually reliable and have been delivering quality work consistently. When a contractor is experienced, he or she will be hands on in providing you with recommendations and insights to obtain the best results.

Reputation is Important

How reputable are the contractors you choose is another important factor to consider. Even a worst decorative concrete contractor with absolutely no experience and reputation can afford outstanding advertisements. What’s important is that you need to look beyond the attractive slogans and dig deeper about the company’s reputation. Obtain references or recommendations from your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, visit review websites online and look at customer testimonials, and/or ask for references of previous clients from the company itself.

Ask for an Estimate

When you discuss with a decorative concrete contractor in Charlotte, remember to discuss about how much the entire project will cost you. Also be sure to ask about labor costs and other hidden charges, if any.

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