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Wood rot is commonly caused by a dangerous, aggressive fungus that makes the structural framing of your house soft. It is important that you learn to prevent wood rot from happening. In case it had already happened, you need to look for ways to fix wood rot in your home.
There are different areas in your home that are susceptible to wood rot. Some of the most prominent areas include: porches and decks, around exterior doors and windows, trim on the exterior, the surface around the base of your bathtub or shower, shower walls, roof edges where there are gutters attached, wood on your concrete foundation, and wood siding.
When it comes to wood rot repair, you need to understand that every project to stop wood rot is unique. In most cases, the contractor you find for wood rot repair in North Carolina will follow a step-by-step process, which is likely to include the following stages:
• Inspection of the rotted wood sections to find where the rot starts and ends.
• Removal of the rotted wood sections.
• Application of an effective fungicide treatment in areas surrounding the rot.
• Replacement of rotted wood sections with new wood.
For proper structural wood rot repair, you need to find the best and reliable contractor in your location.