Doing More For Your Deck

You have just built a brand new deck for your backyard. You have it just the way you want it and are ready to invite friends and neighbors over for a barbecue. This is an exciting time but you should stop and think about what else you can do for your deck.

Even if you have built your deck with the sturdiest wood it needs one more thing before you can start to enjoy it: a quality seal. If you fail to properly seal your deck you could be looking at costly repairs in just a few years’ time.


At the very least, failing to seal your deck will ruin its good looks in short order. Do more for your deck by hiring us here at Century Painting for deck sealing in Davidson, NC. We will help protect your deck so that you can enjoy it for decades to come with minimal maintenance.

After we have sealed your deck, it will be protected from the elements and insect damage and you will be able to clean it very easily. Our deck sealing service will even enhance the good looks of your deck.

We don’t just seal freshly built decks either. We offer full re-decking service that includes stripping and staining so you can revamp your old deck. Reach out to us for more information!

Restoring your Fence

A lot of people overlook the minute details when it comes to fencing but rest assured, overlooking these details can come back to haunt you. One of the things many people fail to do when building a fence is seal it. Just like any other kind of structure composed of wood, your fence needs to be sealed in order for it to withstand the sun, wind and rain.

If your fence isn’t looking so good these days we can help. We are experts at restring old fences to their former glory with our fence sealing in Davidson, NC. We can also seal newly constructed fences. Give is a call to set up an estimate today!

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