Staining Your Deck The Right Way

There is a lot that goes into a quality stain job. For starters, your deck should be carefully assessed by a professional who will be able to determine the best kind of stain to use based on your preferences and the condition and type of wood.

Then, you should make sure that anyone you hire to stain your deck is using premium stains. This is important because you want the stain to be able to permeate deep into the wood for optimal protection, longevity and good looks.


Here at Century Painting we want the good folks of Davidson to know that we stain decks the right way. You have spent a lot on your deck and you deserve to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. We can help. We do professional deck staining in Davidson, NC and for a price that might pleasantly surprise you.

We want you to know that we have tons of experience with decks and will help you determine which stain would work best for yours. You should also know that we use the very best solid color, semisolid, semitransparent, clear toner and bare wood stains in our work. With our help you will be able to achieve the look you have longed for and keep your deck sturdy far into the future.

Staining is Great for Fences too

You may have thought that you were relegated to paint for your fences but staining is becoming a very popular alternative in this arena. You should consider staining your fence as opposed to painting it because it offers more protection, lasts longer and can generally be done quicker and easier than painting.

Fence staining is also a great option for when you want the natural look for your fence line. For knowledgeable fence staining in Davidson, NC. You can count on us.

Fence staining can add color and elegance to most kinds of fences and we would love to consult with you and help with the project. New or old, we can beautify your fence. Call today!

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