It’s Easy to Revamp your Deck when you Hire us

Deck staining is a great choice because not only is it a simpler process than painting, but it lasts longer too. Paint tends to chip off and wear away quickly when compared to stains. Plus, deck stains enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

When you are ready to stain or re-stain your deck, give us a call. We have been doing outstanding deck staining work for a very long time and will work closely with you to achieve the perfect color and look for your deck. We only work with professional grade stains form the leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure an immaculate finish.


Our deck staining services will not only make your deck look brand new, it offers more protection. By sealing and staining your deck, we will increase its lifespan. Our deck staining protects against damage from direct sun light, moisture and insect infestation.

The benefits are numerous and you may be thinking that it will be expensive too but we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the estimate we offer you. No matter how large your deck may be or what condition it may be in, we can completely revitalize it. You can hire us for re-staining or new deck staining in Waxhaw, NC and the nearby neighborhoods. Get in touch with us soon!

Exquisite Fence Staining

The same beauty and protection offered by our deck staining service can be had for your wooden fences too! Your fence can once again become a contributor to the overall beauty of your home with our deck staining service.

We handle all the hard prep work like repairs and scraping off old paint or stripping off old stain. This is the only way to achieve a great looking stain so we do it, period.

When your fence is ready, we expertly apply the stain of your choice to get the color you have in mind. The whole project ends with a walkthrough and the client’s final approval. We do exquisite work from start to finish. Hire us for fence staining in Waxhaw, NC!

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