Your Deck Can Be Beautiful Again

Remember how excited you were to spend time out on your deck when it was first built? The years and elements may have ravaged it since then but it can look that way again. Here at Century Painting we offer immaculate deck sealing services. Chipped paint, sun damage and discoloration may be plaguing your wooden deck but our deck sealing in Charlotte NC can work wonders.


We are meticulous with our deck sealing too. We make sure that the wood is prepped before applying any product to it. That is the only way to ensure an exquisite finish. We know all about decks too. For instance, did you know that certain woods require certain types of sealing before you can stain it? This is the kind of firsthand know-how that we bring to the table.

Our deck sealing service takes care of everything. We will clear your deck of all furniture and make sure to cover surrounding bushes, flowers and plants to protect them. Next we sand the deck if needed. Then we clear the deck of all remaining debris and apply the seal. We use top-quality deck seals and clean rollers and brushes to ensure a perfect finish. Once your deck dries thoroughly, you won’t believe the transformation.

Choosing the Right Sealer

Choosing the right kind of sealer for your deck is very important. Depending on how much sun your deck gets, you may need a seal with higher UV protection. If your deck is exposed to water or moisture regularly, you will also need an exceptionally water-proof sealer. We can help you choose the right kind based on your deck.

The right seal will not only make your deck look like new but it will protect it for years to come. Deck sealing in Charlotte NC is a great investment and can help you avoid costly repairs in the long-run. We can give you a competitive estimate for your deck sealing project. All you have to do is give us a call. Our friendly team will answer all of your questions so call now at (704) 245-9409!