Deck Stripping Made Easy

Sure, you could spend hours upon hours on your hands and knees trying to scrape off the old paint, stain or seal of your deck. But not only is this very hard on your body and joints, you could risk scraping too harshly and damaging the wood underneath. Oftentimes too, DIY deck stripping fails to get rid of all the sealant which will cause problems later when you try to apply paint, seal or stain.

For these reasons and more, deck stripping in Cornelius, NC is best left to the professionals. We are the next best thing to DIY deck stripping because our prices are so affordable. We understand the level of care that you would put into your own deck and we exceed it. We have the right equipment to get the job done completely. When we are finished, you will see nothing but the natural beauty of the wood.


Deck stripping is essential to any re-staining or sealing project and it is important to do it the right way. You can count on us here at Century Painting to complete the job so that the next phases of the project go off without a hitch.

Our deck stripping can be done in very short order so you can get on with the next stages of the project sooner. We handle all the labor intensive work and are fully licensed and insured. We make deck stripping easy.

Quality Work

When people in Cornelius want a beautiful deck, they call us. That is because we do quality work. Many contractors try to get the stripping part done as soon as possible because they don’t understand how important it is to get rid of any trace of seal, primer, paint and stain but we do.

We make deck renovations go right because we start the job off right. Whether you hire us to stain and seal as well or prefer to handle that part yourself we will set your deck up for success. Count on us when you need deck stripping in Cornelius, NC!

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