Beautiful Decks Start With Us

So many people don’t even use their deck anymore because of the way they look. The paint is chipping off, the wood looks worn and old and it just does not look inviting overall. While it may be easy to write your deck off completely it doesn’t have to be that way. After all, you probably paid a lot of money to have it built.

Here at Century Painting we want you to know that we can improve your deck dramatically in very short order. It all starts with deck stripping. Deck stripping affords you the opportunity to start with a blank slate. Our deck stripping services will completely remove any old paint, primer, stain and sealing. We sand the wood to a smooth finish and expose the brand new surface underneath.


Our deck stripping in Waxhaw, NC is also designed to remove all debris, grease and blemishes that may be present. In the end, you will be ready to completely re-imagine your deck as you see fit.

We do professional grade deck stripping here at Century Painting and we can help you with the later phases of deck renovation as well. Any great deck project must begin with professional deck stripping so to get your project off the ground, give us a call!

The Service you Deserve

When you decide that it is time to hit the reset button for your deck, we know that you are excited about the project and want to see it done as soon as possible. Projects like this excite us too so we don’t  drag our feet on them. You will get timely service when your work with us because that is what you deserve.

We want to get you back to enjoying your deck as soon as possible so you can count on us for quick and painless deck stripping in Waxhaw, NC. We work fast but we also work carefully. In the end, you will have a completely bare and clean deck ready for whatever you have in store for it. Contact us today!

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