Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinets can be repainted to look like newer ones. But in order to get the best results, you should know as much as you can about the project. You should also get some information that only your contractor can provide. Here is a list of some important aspects of the job you should ask about, be aware of, and some information that you should relay to your contractor:

  • Prep Work – You should be aware of what kind of prep work will be needed to repaint your cabinets, i.e. sanding, priming etc.

  • Paint Location – Be sure of exactly where your cabinets will be painted.

  • Applications – Know what will be going on your cabinets. You should find out which primers, sprays or paints will be used in the project. You should also make sure that any applications will be non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.

  • Coats – Find out how many coats of paint and primer will be needed to complete the job.

  • Project Length – It is important to set a clear timeline for the project to be completed.

  • Warranties – Finally, get all information pertaining to manufacturer and labor warranties.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to save money on complete renovations. It lends a clean, new look to your kitchen without all the invasive remodeling work. Still, it’s not child’s play. It should be handled by professionals. 

There is a lot that goes into a quality kitchen cabinet painting job. Here are just some of the aspects that make up our kitchen cabinet painting service:

Prep Work

Old paints and primers need to be completely sanded off so that the new coats will adhere completely to the wood. We sand the wood with 220 grit paper to begin with. Then we use a chemical etch with a de-glossing agent to strip away any surface contaminants.


Using a bonding primer to adhere the top coat to the substrate is crucial. Anything less, such as a two-in-one paint/primer, is unsuitable for kitchen cabinet painting.

Number of Coats

Before we begin any work, we will specifically detail how many coats of paint and primer we will use for the project. That way you will know what you are paying for. While multiple coats of paint don’t always mean a longer-lasting finish, they will help even out the color and fill in the wood grain.

Painting Location

Depending on your project, the actual painting may take place in your kitchen, in your garage or even off-site. If we work in your garage, a dedicated work space will have to be cleared. If we work directly in your kitchen, we will be sure to tell you how long you will need to keep out. Whatever the case, we will be 100% respectful of your property, cover all surfaces and never leave a mess behind.

Application Process

Anyone can use a roller to paint cabinets. But our professional service features fast, high quality spray applications. We use spray applications because they produce the very best finishes on all kinds of surfaces.

Project Duration

You should always know how long the project will take. Kitchen cabinet painting can make your kitchen unusable for a certain amount of time so it is best to be prepared. Here at Century Painting, we will give you an accurate timeframe for completion. However, it won’t take more than 5 days for one of our painters to complete your project – and that includes drying time. If we put 2 painters on the job, it will only take 3 days.

Safe Products

Lacquers and solvent-based paints are toxic and flammable. They are no longer the best choice for home painting projects. We work with a number of VOC-free (volatile organic compound) paints that offer the same quality finish as traditional paints.


Warranties are important for kitchen cabinet painting jobs. Kitchen cabinets are prone to impact and chipping. Typical 1-year warranties are not enough. That is why we offer long-lasting warranties that cover paint failure, paint release, peeling and chipping.

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Charlotte’s Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Team

If you don’t have experience with painting cabinets, you will likely fail to properly prep the surfaces and the end result won’t look so good. Save yourself some time and money by hiring a professional painting contractor.

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