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Does your ceiling have a popcorn like appearance that that you wish could be removed? Century Painting offers popcorn removal in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re the place that can help you. We are a company that specializes Popcorn Removal Charlotte, NCin popcorn removal for both residential and commercial ceilings. Whether you want to remove it from one room or all rooms, we have experienced and knowledgeable experts that are ready to use their skills for the job. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and are excited to help.

Popcorn ceilings represent a spray-on paint ceiling treatment that was popular from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. Although they were a preference during these decades, ceiling tastes have changed and many of our customers turn to us when they are ready for a modern upgrade to their home or work building. No matter what type of dwelling you want us to work in, we have top of the line tools and reliable equipment that we use to give you results that exceed all of your expectations.

What are Popcorn Ceilings?

Since we remove popcorn ceilings on a daily basis, it is a simple process. If your home or office was built before 1981, the first thing we do is test for the harmful contaminated asbestos fibers. These fibers were banned in 1997 after being found toxic in causing negative health effects to humans. We use a special technique to remove any and all asbestos, so there is no trace left when we are done working on your ceilings. Every job comes with a quality guarantee and will help your rooms look, and even smell, better.

What We Do

Our experts will look for any loose sheetrock and bad tape seams and secure them with a coating and nail heads before proceeding. The next step is texturing your ceilings with a finish that best meets your wants and needs. We start the finish with a premier coat and follow it with a high quality paint. The final step is caulking all of the ceiling corners so you end up with a fresh, clean look. Once the job is done, we clean up after ourselves, including plastic pickup and a thorough vacuuming.

The prices for our popcorn removal service in Charlotte are affordable, and occasional discounts help you to save even more money. Our payment methods are simple, and we encourage you to offer us useful feedback once your Popcorn removal in charlottecleanup job is complete so we can continue providing our customers with the service of a true, reputable company. We never fall short in appreciating you and showcasing it from the minute you contact us until the minute you look at your new and improved ceiling.

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