Power Washing for you Home and Business

At Century Painting we have the skilled power washing technicians that are needed for professional and safe work. Most companies think that power washing, as the name implies, is all about power. The more power the better right?

Not always. What happens when an inexperienced power washing company comes out to your home or place of business and doesn’t realize their machines are set too high and they blow out one of your windows or damage your signage?


These are very possible scenarios when you don’t know what you are doing with a power washing machine which is why we emphasize experience and skill here at Century Painting. Our technicians know when to throttle the gas and pump the breaks so to speak.

We will never damage your home or place of business in the course of power washing and even if something does happen, we are fully insured. We have an excellent track record for safety which is why we have become a top choice for power washing in Fort Mill, SC.

We will make short work of the toughest stains and debris on your property while being gentle around its vulnerable areas like windows, doors, gutters and signage. You can count on us for powerful yet precise power washing in Fort Mill, SC.

A Quick Clean

People are often taken aback at what we are able to accomplish with our power washers in just a couple of hours. They often forget what their home or commercial property could look like until we come and remind them. We offer very quick service that really makes a difference in the appearance of your property.

Our power washing services can clear away years of moss and algae buildup, deep-seated and long-standing stains from your walkways and driveways and even cracking paint. Power washing is a great option when you need tough cleaning done but don’t want to invest too much time into it.

We can get the job done no matter what your power washing needs are. Give us a call very soon!

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