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  • Professional pressure washing offers many benefits to residential and commercial property owners. Buildings attract dirt and grime and begin to look bad when not cleaned regularly. A professional pressure washer, in the hands of an experienced technician, is the ideal method for removing dirt and debris from houses and other buildings.

  • When dirt and grime build up on the exterior of a house, this filth spoils the appearance of the structure and potentially damages the exterior surface. Siding on a home will last longer when it is regularly cleaned. When you think of how much replacing siding on a building can cost, you realize that extending the lifetime of your home siding should be a priority.
  • When debris is allowed to set in on the surface of a house, the paint wears away much sooner. Lingering grime and dirt leads to accelerated fading and decaying of wood on a structure.
  • Mold, mildew, and algae grow on the exterior of houses and businesses. In addition to being bad for the finish on buildings, these materials can be harmful to your health. We pressure wash siding to remove these potentially harmful materials. Our services are ideal for roofs where mold and mildew sometimes grow on and under shingles.

  • Decks benefit from a quality power washing. Before staining a wooden deck, wash the surface. Otherwise, you will be applying stain and sealant on top of grime that can still damage the wood. Century Painting can powerwash your deck before you stain and seal (we do that to) that will extend the life of a deck because clean wood accepts stain and sealant more readily.
  • Our power washing services in Charlotte, NC are perfect for walkways and patio surfaces. Many people fail to properly maintain their sidewalks, and these walking surfaces become heavily stained. If you are considering replacing a sidewalk because you think it is stained too badly, we may be able to help. We renew sidewalks by removing the black mold that grows there. We also remove dirt and stubborn stains from driveways and carport and garage floors.
  • Pressure Washing the exterior of a house and driveways and walkways improves the appearance of the property. This is one of the best ways to add value to a home without making a major investment.
  • As beneficial as professional pressure washing can be, a pressure washer in the hands of a novice can actually be damaging. These are powerful machines, and when not used properly they sometimes loosen siding and damage wood.
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